Positions and Duties in Football

Positions and Duties in Football

Positions and  Duties in Football

Positions and Duties in Football


The only player on the field who is allowed to touch the ball from hands during the match, however the goalkeeper cannot use their hands outside of the 18-yard box and his job is to use his entire body to stop the opponent from scoring a goal or stopping the ball from going to the goal post. A goalkeeper always wears a different color jersey than the other players in the match, so that the referee can spot the goal keeper among other players. Most of the goalkeepers would not successful in saving penalties, as the goal post is wide enough for the other player to think and make the goalkeeper miss on saving. There will always be a substitute of goalkeeper in every team as the chances of injury is more during corners and penalties.


There is a set of 3 positions on the field who are responsible to score a goal and there will be 4 defenders in every match.   As the name suggests, Defenders are responsible to defend the opponents from scoring a goal and to pass the ball to Midfield player or any other player who can take away the ball to forward player or a defender can pass the ball directly to the forward based on his skill set and talent. There is a formula or a regular formation called 4 – 4 – 2 which will be used to have a strategic game. This means, 4 defenders, 4 midfield players and 2 forward players and one goalkeeper whose position remains constant throughout the match. Defenders will have extreme pressure on saving the ball from reaching the 18 yard box as they would end up facing the opponent team’s forward players.

Midfield Player

A midfield player’s responsibility is to pass the ball to forward player who will have more chances to score a goal. A midfield player support to other players plays a very important role as he will have to clear the field to provide a perfect pass to forward player for the goal.  Just because a player is playing in Midfield position, it does not mean that he cannot attack or score a goal. It is recommended to play as per book, but things can change will have to change to defeat the opponent’s mindset and to score a goal. A mid fielder can defend and a defender can attack. Midfield player will act as a shock absorber for his team as he will have less pressure of consuming a goal compared to the defender. Midfield player will have an opportunity to take his own time and wait for the right situation and time to pass over to forward player. A midfield player’s pass should be accurate enough for the forward player to score a goal.

Forward Player

The most important and the critical position of the match is the forward position as the duty of these players is to score a goal. These players are expected to score goals and will have no room to make a mistake when the time comes, as it can change the complete match. Most of the times, you will end up seeing popular and talented players playing forward as it requires a great skill set. Though, it is not fair for the other two positions in goal scoring chances compared to a forward position, it is accepted that way, as the soccer is a team game. There will be 2 forward players who will be playing against 4 defenders from the opponent team and it is complicated to tackle between 4 opponent’s and a goal keeper to score a goal.

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