Pirelli Plans To Bring More Advantage for a Formula1 Race in the Future

Pirelli Plans To Bring More Advantage for a Formula1 Race in the Future

Pirelli Plans To Bring More Advantage for a Formula1 Race in the Future

Pirelli Plans To Bring More Advantage for a Formula1 Race in the Future

The whole world is already in a racing phase and this motor racing sport is adding some fast and furious element to the overall theme. Though there are many modes of racing, car racing playa a major role in bringing some colors to the racing segment. Many huge corporate companies have involved themselves in sponsoring and taking big responsibilities of handling the whole event successfully. F1 is one such event that the whole world will always have an eye over it. Not only the players involved in this sport will hugely practice, but also the racing motor cycle brands train their technicians to attend the faults and other such activities.

Analyzing the Need for the Future:

The world famous brands like Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull are found hugely involved in the preparations of 2017 Pirelli. The old cars have been moved out by them in recent weeks for compound work. They are also preparing hybrid cars that can support the wider tyres while running is an expansive program that is about to start from August. The involvement from Williams technical chief Symonds, who thinks that they have to start in analyzing the need for next year’s rubber. Certainly, this attempt would credit them a lot by next year.

Experts Views on This Issue:

While discussing with Symonds, he told that, he is thinking so seriously about bringing in some enormous advantage in the tyre issue. They also made some sort of blind testing, which will definitely add some advantage in the direction of the production of future tyres. Whereas, Mario Isola – the Pirelli’s racing manager expresses his thoughts that both his company and FIA has took lot of efforts into the test plans even if they face minimal gains. And so, he explains that the companies involved here are doing their best to avoid the critical situations, and so, they share all the data with the teams involved. Furthermore, he added that some detailed reports will be issued to those teams who are not involving in tests; the teams will also get all driver comments, analysis of their teams and also about the models that the company would launch in future.

The Naive Teams Involved:

The teams involved in the tests are blind, since they just know that they are testing just the tyres. But, they don’t know exactly what is happening and the material they are testing is whether a base, a prototype, or either what is in the prototype, or its compound and construction. Simply to say, they don’t know anything. These teams will receive a run plan blindly, prepared by Pirelli. They really don’t know what is in the tyres.

Eyeing On the Future:

The best solution for Pirelli to stay in F1 is to adopt a proper testing plan for 2017 race. Pirelli has no better way than following a right plan and set things ready for the next year. Ever since, they have started their career in F1 race they were discussing more about the testing, and tyre testing. The very long discussions have led them to find a very good solution. Moreover, Isola added that if they can’t satisfy all the teams, then they feel apologize for that. But their ultimate goal was to find a solution to make all things settled and so they also need the tools to do their jobs in a proper way. Toyota has already quitted out from the Championship in 2009. But if this continues with other teams, then it’s really not yield a healthy future for this race. Finally, Isola stated that Pirelli will make use of the maximum opportunities in-season tyre testing which help in refining their products for 2018. Certainly, they are focusing on bringing a healthy status.

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